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Year-end Reminders and OBR Tips

Below are some reminders and helpful OBR tips to help ensure you meet your year-end deadlines.


1.      Year‐End Filing Deadlines and Service Availability.

Due to the possibility of OBR service interruptions, it is strongly recommended to submit any year-end filings by December 17th.  The filing volumes are expected to be extremely high which increases the possibility of technical issues

Please notify us in advance if you are aware of any filings expected to be submitted December 29, 30, or 31.

The filing submission deadline for Friday December 31st will be 12:00 p.m.

2.      Company Key

In most cases a company key is not required to proceed with your filing. You can complete and submit your forms to us in electronic copy without a company key.

Please note that forms cannot be printed where a company key has not been entered. To print your forms, you can simply enter 9 zeros in the field. By including a placeholder company key in your forms there will be no implications for your filing.

3.       Electronic Copies

To ensure the most timely and accurate filing of your documents we require that the fillable electronic copies of the forms be provided. When submitting an electronic copy, a signature is not required for filing, however it is required that you retain a signed copy for your records.

 4.       Filling Out Forms

Several fields within the forms provided have character limits which can prevent you from entering the full text required. If you are unable to fit your entire block or text into a field within the required form the text can be provided in a separate attached document. If providing text within a separate document, please indicate the following within the text field within the form: [SEE ATTACHED] and provide complete text in separate document.

5.       Printing Your Forms

All forms should be submitted to us in electronic format and a signature is not required on the electronic copy submitted for filing (see section 3 above). Forms can be saved, shared, and electronically signed without all mandatory fields being populated.

If you must print your forms, please note that validations in the forms prevent them from being printed without mandatory fields being completed (such as Company Key). See section 2 above for tips on the mandatory Company Key field

6.       Primary Activity Code

If the form requires a Primary Activity (or NAICS) code and you are amending an existing entity which does not have an activity code on record with the Ministry, the code will be required.

7.       Ministry of Finance (MOF) consents

MOF approval is still required when filing dissolutions, continuances, and revivals. The consent letter previously provided by MOF is replaced by electronic consent that can take up to 30 days.

Effective October 19 consent is requested from the MOF directly by MGCS, in turn consent is provided directly to MGCS by MOF.

8.       Known Issues and Workarounds

Please note the following known issues related to filings:

  • Form [5264E] Articles of Continuances: Sections 4 (Corporation Name), 6 (Address) and 7 (Directors) of the form do not save properly (data entered disappears upon saving). Please provide the details for these sections in the body of your email filing
  • Form [5296E] Register an EP Limited Liability Company Name: Section 5 (Address for Service) allows for US/International address but addresses outside of Ontario are not permitted when filing via MGCS. The recommended workaround is to provide your firm address in place of an International or US
  • Form [5261E] Articles of Amendment: Current Director information for many Corporations may be incorrect due to OBR data migration issues. As a result, it is recommended that the current and correct number of Directors are provided for filing of Articles of Amendment (details can be provided in the body of your email request).


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