PPSA Overview

The Personal Property Security Registration system is a notice filing system that records and reproduces information concerning consumer and business loans where goods and other personal property (such as vehicles, furniture, equipment, etc) are used as collateral to secure the loans. The borrower (debtor) and a bank or lender (creditor/secured party) enter into a security agreement where a ‘security interest a.k.a. lien’ is registered against personal property (goods or vehicles) in order to secure the loan.

The notices of the security interests a.k.a. liens on the personal property (goods) are registered in the PPSA system by completing and submitting an electronic document called a financing statement.  The details of these registrations can be obtained by searching an individual name, business name or the motor vehicle VIN number.

*NEW – PPSA-HD Summary Report

PPSA reports can span hundreds of pages and the inefficient layout can make them difficult to read.  Save valuable time by ordering Centro’s new PPSA-HD Summary Report and view the results in High-Definition!  The registration information is summarized and condensed into tables that allows for easy cutting and pasting into your own custom reports.  It also includes a list of all secured parties. Ontario summaries are available in PDF and Word formats.

Please inquire for more information.

CorpServ clients can upload lists of names and search multiple Provinces.


Search Type

PPSA Search

Conduct a PPSA search (lien search) in Ontario on a Business Name, Individual Name or VIN/Serial number.

Ontario Report options:

Electronic: same day.

Certified: 24 hour printed result.

Provincial PPR Search

Conduct a PPR search (lien search) in another Province on a Business Name, Individual or Serial Number.

CSRA Copies

Obtain copies of a CSRA registration in Ontario. (Corporation Securities Registrations Act covers registrations prior to October 10th, 1989)

The full debtor name and registration number must be provided.  **This information can be found on the last pages of a PPSA search report.

Processing time: 10 business days.

Ontario PPSA Verification Statement reprints

A 3C verification statement is issued for every new registration, amendment and discharge.  Reprints can be requested by providing the following information: full debtor name, registration number (16-digits) and file number (9 digits).

Processing time: 48 hours minimum.