Canadian Due Diligence – Do what’s Due!

Once you have confirmed a company’s existence, operating jurisdiction and established its owners through our corporate and business name search services you can now select from our Due Diligence Search services to assist in ‘painting a financial picture’ on the business or individual.

A due diligence search will provide financial background on an individual or business. Our reports cover items such as litigation, judgement details, bankruptcy, liens and asset sales – both current and historical. Please note, an individual or corporations full legal name is required in order to acquire accurate information.  When searching a company name, it’s good practice to refer to the companies originating charter documents for the correct legal name.

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Select from Corporate Searches, PPSA Lien searches, Bank Act, Litigation searches, Writs and Bankruptcy & Insolvency.

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Bank Act Certificate (Section 427)

This report reveals if a borrower (individual/corporation) has entered into an agreement that provides a bank with the first preferential lien on inventory/goods or equipment. If such an agreement exists the Bank would register a ‘Notice of Intention’ with the Bank of Canada under section 427 of the Bank Act.  The details of which would be provided on the search certificate.  The search is available across Canada and is conducted by Province/Territory.

Personal Property Lien Search (PPSA Search)

A search conducted with the Ontario Personal Property Security Registration System on an Individual, Business Debtor name, or Motor Vehicle VIN number. The report will display details of each registration which will include the file number, registration number, registration date, the period, name and address information on the debtors, secured parties and the registering agent. The general collateral type and a basic description will also be included.

For more details see our section on PPSA Services.

Bulk Sales Act Search (Ontario only)

If a buyer wishes to purchase the assets and equipment of a business, the seller “in bulk” must provide an affidavit stating that all creditors have been paid, or they will be paid from the proceeds of the sale. A search is conducted with the Superior Court of Justice database to determine if a Bulk Sales Affidavit has been filed.

*NoticeThe Ontario Bulk Sales Act (BSA) was repealed on March 22, 2017 bringing an end to bulk sales legislation in Canada.

Manual Bankruptcy Search Ontario

A provincial search is conducted with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice Bankruptcy Division for Petitions records, opposing creditor situations, filings under the Commercial List and filings under the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act. *Available in Toronto, London and Ottawa only.

For accurate bankruptcy results, a Federal Insolvency Name search with the Superintendent of Bankruptcy is strongly recommended.

Manual Bankruptcy Search (other provinces)

A manual search conducted with the equivalent provincial Court Bankruptcy Division.  A manual bankruptcy search is not available in all Provinces and the details provided and years covered will vary between Provinces.

For accurate bankruptcy results, a Federal Insolvency Name search with the Superintendent of Bankruptcy is strongly recommended.

Federal Insolvency Record Search

A national search for an individual or business within the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Records database maintained by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.  The report includes:

  • Basic debtor information on all bankruptcies and proposals registered in Canada since 1978
  • Receiverships registered since January 1993
  • Petitions recorded
  • All companies that have been granted protection under the Companies´ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) since September 18, 2009
Writs of Execution - Judgement Search

This ‘Outstanding Judgement Search’ is conducted with the Sheriff’s office at the Land Registry in the jurisdiction where the individual or business resides. A certificate is issued indicating whether a a judgement is found. Details about the judgement can be obtained by requesting a ‘Writ detail report’ for additional fees.

Note, the Writ Report is an electronic summary of the execution/judgement details. This report includes the file number, issue date, effective date, court file number, court type (if applicable), the amount of the judgement, the name of the debtor, creditor and lawyer.  The information provided may vary depending on the originating court file type.