A Corporate Search report is obtained from the relevant Corporate Registry which reveals the required information to confirm a corporations existence, current status, filed documents, previous names, trade names and operating jurisdictions. Our service area includes all of North America.


Search Report

Ontario Corporation Profile Report

The new Entity Profile report will display the following information:

  • Current status of the corporation (Active, Dissolved or in default)
  • Extra-provincial status (if applicable)
  • Registered office address
  • Names and addresses of officers and directors
  • Business names (active or expired)
  • Historical data on corporate name history and any amalgamations.

Document List – now included – a listing of all documents filed by the corporation since June 27, 1992. (displays the document, filing date & person authorizing the filing)

Business Names List – now included  – Lists all active, expired, or cancelled business names registered to the corporation. Displays the Business name, filing dates and the Business Identification Number (BIN).

Ontario Corporate Point-in-Time report

This report displays information for the corporation as of a specific date since June 27, 1992, which includes active directors and officers and some select historical data, such as name history and amalgamating corporations.

*Ontario only

Ontario Certificate of Status

A Certificate issued by the Ontario Business Registry that confirms the current status of the corporation (active, dissolved or in default).

Provincial Corporate Search Report

A report from the relevant Provincial Corporate Registry which will display the legal name of the corporation, the registered address and may include a list of the officers and directors.

Provincial Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Compliance

A certificate issued by the relevant Provincial Corporate Registry confirming the current status of a Corporation as of the current date.

Federal Corporate Profile Report

A report on a Federally incorporated company under the CBCA* that provides the current status of corporation, registered office and mailing address, names and addresses of officers and directors and some historical information on corporate name history and amalgamations.
*CBCA – Canada Business Corporations Act

Federal Certificate of Compliance

A certificate issued by the director under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) confirming that a Federal Corporation is in existence and not dissolved.

Document Copies (Ontario)

Copies of Articles filed by an Ontario Corporation.  Copies of  Articles of Incorporation, Amendment, etc.

Inactive Paper Files

Copies of any corporate documents filed prior to the introduction of the provincial government’s Corporate Microfiche are  stored off-site in Cooksville, Ontario and take a minimum of 10 business days to arrive in Toronto. They are only available in paper-form and must be examined in person by special appointment.  Up to 10 copies can be obtained upon request. A summary report outlining key dates of the file will be provided.

*Ontario only

Ontario Corporate Search Reports

Corporate Search ReportsService & Access FeesGovernment FeeTotal Price
Corporate Entity Profile Report
(includes Document List and List of active and inactive Business Names)
Corporate Point-In-Time Report*$32.74$8.00$45.00
Certificate of Status$32.74$26.00$63.00
Copies of Corporate Documents (Articles filed before October 19th, 2021)$37.50$3.00$45.38
Copies of Corporate Documents (filed after October 19th, 2021)$37.50$3.00 per documentfrom $45.38
Inactive File Search with copies (T.C. File) (10 pages max.)$60.00$25.00$92.80



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Please Note: A minimum preliminary search fee applies even in cases that result in ‘no exact match found.’