A Business Name search of unincorporated business records of the relevant Provincial Registry. A Business Name Report is available for the following types of registrations:

Sole Proprietorship
General Partnership
Limited Partnership
Business Name (Trade Name) registered to a Corporation
Business Names registered to GP or LP
Ontario Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Partnership
Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Company (LLC)


Search Report

Business Name Search

This search is conducted on an unincorporated business name and includes:

  • Business owner current information
  • Operating and mailing addresses
  • Registration date
  • Registration number

Available in all provinces.

Ontario reports now include:

Document List: Lists all documents that have been filed in relation to the business name or limited partnership registered, including filing date for each document. Available for sole proprietorships, general partnerships, corporation business names, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and partnership business names registered on or after April 1, 1994 in Ontario.

Limited Partnership Report

This is a report of the registration filed under the Limited Partnerships Act (LPA). The report will include:

  • Partnership name
  • Operating and mailing addresses
  • General partners and addresses
  • Amendments, dissolutions and withdrawals (limited information)

Note: Copies of the original registration document are not available.

Available in all provinces.

Certificate of No Match (Ontario)

This certificate states that there are no active records within the last 5 years of a registration under the Business Names Act or a declaration under the Limited Partnerships Act for a particular business name or Business Identification Number (BIN).

*Ontario only.

Provincial Business Name Report

A business name report from the relevant Provincial Business name registry.  Displays business name, filing dates, registered owner and address.  Information provided will vary by province.