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Welcome to our Ontario Government Forms Directory!

Since the launch of the new OBR – Ontario Business Registry on October 19th, 2021, the new PDF application forms must be used.  The links to download the forms are listed below and organized by Corporation or Business Names Act.

If you have an application form completed and ready to file, you can submit them through our website here:

Account holders can email completed PDF forms as an attachment to fi*****@ce**************.com Be sure to include any required schedules or documents as separate PDF attachments. Important: The forms must be ‘saved as‘ with all data-fields accessible (they should appear in blue text colour).  PDF application forms that are printed and scanned are not acceptable for processing. For more helpful tips, see below.

Alert! PDF Forms will no longer work with older versions of Adobe Reader including Adobe Reader XI. Please update your free Adobe Reader to the latest version from the Acrobat Reader download page so that you can continue to access these forms.


The forms in this directory have been last updated:  December 2023

Ontario Business Corporations Act Forms – BCA

**Remember right-click and ‘Save Link as’ and save to your desktop!

Not-for-Profit Corporations Act Forms – ONCA

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Ontario Corporations Information Act – CIA

Extra-Provincial Corporations Act – EPCA

Limited Partnerships Act – LPA

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Business Names Act – BNA

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Important Tips for the new Ontario Business Registry forms!

  • Please use the latest Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 8 or higher to complete and save the forms.  If you are experiencing issues opening the form, download the form to your desktop and then use Adobe to open the form and complete.
      • Highlight the form name, right-click to select “Save link as” to save the PDF form onto the desktop. The form may not open in browser.
      • Open the form that you saved on the desktop with a current version of Adobe Reader.
      • Complete the form, save the data, and close it. Be sure to open the file to confirm all the input data is present and correct.
  • Company Key: This is a 9-digit number assigned to every corporation and business name in Ontario. If you do not have the number, or this is a new business entity, enter 9 zero’s for the form to save and print correctly.
  • Signed application copies of any articles to be filed should be kept with your records.  They are not required for electronic submission.
  • All forms should be saved as Adobe PDF document once completed with all data-fields accessible.
  • Some fields within the forms have character limits which may not accept the full text required (for example, share provisions).  If the text content does not fit please provide a separate document attached and mark the field as ‘See Attached’.  Attachments are preferred in MS Word format, PDF attachments are only acceptable as the required schedules for articles of amalgamation.
  • If the form requires a Primary Activity (or NAICS) code, or you are amending and existing entity that does not have a code on record, it must be provided.
  • For articles applications requiring a NUANS, only the details of the report are required. The report can be kept at the corporations registered office.