Register a Business Name in Ontario

Whether you are registering a new business name, or need to update information of an existing business we can assist with the entire registration process with any Ontario Business Name registration.



Business Registration Type

Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietorship – register a business with one (sole) owner. It is owned, controlled and operated by a single individual who is the sole beneficiary of all profits/losses and is responsible for all risks.



General Partnership

General Partnership – register a partnership which is a business formed by a group of two or more individuals. The individuals may consist of individuals, corporations or other  business names. The partners mutually agree to bear the profits and losses.


Corporation Business Name

Corporation Business Name – register a business name under a Corporation. Also known as ‘Business Trade Name‘ or ‘Operating Name‘. The owner must be an active Ontario Corporation or an Extra-Provincial Corporation with an active Ontario Corporation number.


Business Name Registration under a General or Limited Partnership

A General or Limited Partnership that wishes to carry on business under a name that is different from the legal name can register a Business Name.


Ontario Limited Liability Partnership, Extra Provincial Limited Liability Partnership or Company (LLP/LLC)

Limited Liability Partnership – register a Limited Liability Partnership which has special characteristics related to liability and may ONLY be formed by professionals whose governing legislation permits an LLP to practice. In Ontario only lawyers, chartered accountants and certified general accountants may form a Limited Liability Partnership.

Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Partnership – must register the firm name to carry on business in Ontario and can only carry on business under that firm name.

Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Companies – a limited liability company is an unincorporated association, other than a partnership, formed under the laws of another jurisdiction that grants its members limited liability.


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Government & Filing Fees


Business Name RegistrationsFiling FeesGovernment FeeProcessing Time
New/Renewal - Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership$75$60same day
New/Renewal - Corporation Business Name, Business name of GP/LP, Ontario Limited Liability Partnership, Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Partnership (EP-LLP) or Company (EP-LLC)$95$60same day
Amendments or Cancellation (all business types)$95$0same day