Ontario Court Record Searches

Select from the following Superior Courts and record types:  Civil Litigation, Bulk Sales Act, Bankruptcy, Small Claims and Court of Appeals for Ontario.



A search conducted at the Superior Court of Justice in the specified jurisdiction for any of the following matters involving Civil Litigation, Bulk Sales Act filings or Bankruptcy on the subject individual, or business name(s).

Small Claims Court: a search of cases that deal with civil disputes of a monetary value of up to $35,000 CDN.  Note: some Ontario Jurisdictions have multiple Small Claims Court locations.

Divisional Court:  a search of cases dealing with appeals and applications for judicial review.  For example, appeals from a final order of Small Claims Court.  The Divisional Court, a branch of the Superior Court of Justice, sits in eight regional centers throughout the province.  Click to help find location to search.

Court of Appeal for Ontario: a search of appeals matters of civil litigation.

Note: Additional charges may apply for searches that result in a high volume of cases found due to additional processing time. 

Technical Specs

Summary report provided for each court level searched.

Processing Time

GTA and common jurisdictions: search results can take 1 to 2 business days.

Smaller remote jurisdictions: search results can take 2 to 3 business days.