Register a Limited Partnership

Register a new Limited Partnership or Extra-Provincial Limited Partnership.

If you need to change, renew, or cancel a Limited Partnership, click here.


To establish a limited partnership in Ontario, filing a declaration under the Limited Partnerships Act (LPA) is mandatory. Similarly, any limited partnership formed outside of Ontario must file a declaration under the LPA to conduct business within the province.

Step 1 – Contact Information

To complete this application, we need the contact information of a person who will receive the registration documents and can answer any questions we may have. Please provide the full name, phone number, and email address. This information will be kept confidential and will not appear on the public record.

Step 2 – Proposed name of the Limited Partnership

You are responsible for ensuring that the name of the limited partnership complies with the Limited Partnership Act (LPA) and its regulations. Additionally, you may need to secure consent(s) for using the firm name, if necessary. Registering a name that contradicts the LPA and its regulations could result in compliance measures being taken.

Governing Jurisdiction
If you are an extra-provincial limited partnership established outside of Ontario or beyond Canada, you must specify the governing jurisdiction in which the partnership was formed.

Step 3 – General Details

Primary Activity Code
The main activity that you do under the name of your business is your primary activity.
NAICS is the North American Industry Classification System. It is a system that assigns a 2 to 6 digit number code to a business based on its main activity. You can find the NAICS code for your business by following the NAICS link and choosing the code that matches your primary activity. For instance, if your business is a unisex hair salon, your NAICS code could be “812116 – unisex hair stylist shops”. The NAICS code is mandatory for filings under the Business Names Act and Limited Partnerships Act, and it will appear on the public record for those filings.

Official Email Address
You will receive business communications through the official email. We will also send the documents for this application to the official email and the contact person’s email from Section 1 of this form.

Step 4 – Address

If you operate as a limited partnership in Ontario, specify your primary business address in Ontario.

If you operate as an extra-provincial limited partnership and your principal place of business is in Ontario, please select ‘Yes’. Subsequently, specify your principal place of business in Ontario. If not, choose ‘No’ and provide the location of your principal place of business outside of Ontario.

Step 5 – General Partners

Please specify the number of general partners. It is mandatory for the partnership to possess a minimum of one general partner, who may be a person, a corporate body, a registered entity holding a BIN, or a different type of entity.

Step 6 – Power of Attorney (for Extra-Provincial Limited Partnerships)

An extra-provincial limited partnership, established outside of Canada and conducting business in Ontario, must execute a power of attorney. Similarly, an extra-provincial limited partnership formed within Canada that conducts business in Ontario without a place of business there must also execute a power of attorney.

A power of attorney must be executed to designate an individual residing in Ontario or a corporation with its head or registered office in Ontario as the attorney and representative of the extra-provincial limited partnership.


The contact person must confirm that the draft produced once this application is submitted will be reviewed and signed by the required person.

Technical Specs

The application forms are dynamic and will change depending on how you answer the questions.  Please complete all mandatory fields that are marked with an asterisk (*).  Once the application is successfully processed, the official documents and will be sent by email to the official email address provided on the form and to the contact person specified.  The company key, if applicable will only be sent to the official email address.

A (NAICS) North American Industry Classification System code is now required.  It is a 2 to 6 digit number based on the main activity of the business.  For more information and to search for your code on NAICS code visit NAICS link.

Limited partnerships are not incorporated and are subject to the LPA and other applicable laws. They typically consist of at least one general partner who has liability for all debts and obligations of the firm, and one or more limited partners who have limited liability up to the amount that they contribute or agree to contribute to the limited partnership.

IMPORTANT – Signatures: The declaration forms for a new, change, renewal, or cancellation of Limited Partnership or an Extra-Provincial LP must be signed by the General Partners. For electronic filings completed by Centro, the signed forms are not necessary; however, a signed copy must be retained at the LP’s registered office.



Processing Time

For same day service, we ask that applications be submitted by 3:00 pm to allow for review, preparation and filing of the documents with the Ontario Business Registry.  You will be notified if same day processing times cannot be met.

Note: If the ‘Add Name Search‘ option is selected, the registration process will not proceed until the results of the search are examined and approval is given to proceed.

Limited Partnership RegistrationFiling FeesGovernment FeeTotal PriceProcessing Time
New, Name Change or Renewal$95$210$317.35same day
Amendments (other than name change)$95$0$107.35same day
Late Renewal*$95$210 + $150 = $360$467.35same day
Dissolution or Withdrawel$95$0$107.35same day
*Administration fees apply to government fees when paying by credit card and are not shown above. Varies based on amount.