Provincial Court Litigation Search

A search of a Provincial Courts Civil Litigation and Small Claims records.

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A search conducted at the Superior Court of Justice, Court of Queens Bench, Supreme Court or equivalent for higher court Civil ‘Litigation’ matters on the subject business or individual name as plaintiff or defendant. A summary report will be provided outlining case information found. Copies of court documents are additional and are not included with the initial search.
*A Province wide search is not available in all Provinces. If the jurisdiction is not listed please contact us.

Provincial Court SearchSearch FeeSource FeesGovernment/
Court Fee
Processing Times*
Alberta$30$202 - 4 weeks
British Columbia$30--Same day
Manitoba$30--Same day
New Brunswick$30--Same day
Newfoundland$30$30$205 - 7 bus. days
Northwest Territories$30$40$12.652 - bus. days
Nova Scotia$30$50-5 - 7 bus. days
Nunavut$30-$182 -3 bus. days
Ontario - OnLit
Ontario - Toronto
Ontario - Out of Town
Same day
1 - 2 bus. days
2 - 3 bus. days
Prince Edward Island$30$75 (per 5 names)-3 - 5 bus. days
Quebec$30-$17Same day
Saskatchewan$30-$315 - 7 bus. days
Yukon$30-$43 - 5 bus. days
Processing times are estimations and may vary depending on court system availability and volume.

Technical Specs

Summary report in Adobe PDF. The search period covered will vary between Provinces but will cover a 10-year minimum. Province-wide searches are not available in all Provinces. Please review Province information carefully.

Processing Time

Search results can range between 24 to 72 hours depending on the Province/jurisdiction searched. Processing time will also vary depending on the time of order and system availability.