Provincial PPR Lien Search

A search of Province’s Personal Property Registry (PPR) to determine if there are liens (security interests) registered against personal property or serialized equipment.

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The Personal Property Security Registry is a notice filing system that records and reproduces information concerning consumer and business loans where goods and other personal property are used as collateral to secure loans. For example, a person borrows money from the bank to purchase a new vehicle. The borrower (debtor) and the bank (creditor/secured party) enter into an agreement giving the bank rights to the vehicle if the loan is not re-payed. Searches can be conducted against Individuals, Business Names or Serial/Vehicle Identification Numbers.

Technical Specs

Adobe PDF documents.
Manitoba – electronic screen prints from the online PPR registry system.

Processing Time

ProvinceSearch FeesAccess FeesGovernment FeeTotal
(with HST)
Processing Time
Alberta$25.00$8.00$1$38.291 to 3 hours
British Columbia$25.00$8.5$36.751 to 3 hours
Manitoba (Printed)
Electronic: 1 to 3 hours
Printed: up to 10 days
New Brunswick$25.00-$10$38.251 to 3 hours
Newfoundland$25.00-$10$38.251 to 3 hours
Northwest Territories$25.00-$10$38.251 to 3 hours
Nova Scotia$25.00-$8.75$37.001 to 3 hours
Nunavut$25.00-$7$35.251 to 3 hours
Ontario$25.00$8$36.25Electronic: 1 to 3 hours
Certified: 24 hours
Printed overnight: 24 hours
Prince Edward Island$25.00-$10$38.251 to 3 hours
Quebec$25.00-$11$38.251 to 3 hours
Saskatchewan$25.00-$10$38.251 to 3 hours
Yukon$25.00-$10$38.251 to 3 hours