Ontario PPSA Search

A search on an Individual, Business Name, or VIN/Serial Number to determine if a lien has been registered in the Personal Property Security Registration (PPSA) system.

See below for more information on search types and report options.

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Searches of the Personal Property Security Registration system will produce information concerning consumer and business loans where goods and other personal property are used as collateral to secure loans.

Search Types:

Individual Specific: If the middle initial is not included in the inquiry, only registrations where the name of the debtor with NO initial will be reported.  For example, if the name being searched is WILLIAM SMITH 26 JUN 1952, registrations under the name WILLIAM J. SMITH 26 JUN 1952 will not be reported.

Individual Non-Specific: The search will include all registrations where the first given name and surname exactly match, including those where a middle initial and date of birth are included. If the name is common this report may include a high volume of results.

Business Debtor Search: The search will include all registrations against the exact business debtor name entered as well as names, in the opinion of the registrar, that are similar.  If the name operates in both the English and French versions, a search should be considered on each variation to ensure all registrations are found.  A Corporate search may be required to obtain the full legal name.   Business or Trade names registered to a Corporation: if a Corporation has a registered operating or trade name a search on these name(s) should also be considered.

VIN (Serial) Number Search:  The 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number is required for the search. The search results may include additional registrations which include VIN’s, in the opinion of the Registrar, that are similar to the one requested. If similar VIN’s are suspected, it is the responsibility of the enquirer to search against those VIN’s.

Technical Specs

Report options:

Uncertified or ‘Verbal’ report: Electronic Report generated from the Ontario PPSA system.  This report is limited to a maximum number of registrations that generates approximately 40 pages.  Results that exceed that amount are known as high-volume and will automatically become a Certified report which takes 24 hours to produce.

Certified Ontario report:  Certified results are printed paper reports that are available in 24 hours for pick-up at the Ministry of Government Services Companies Branch office.  Each page is stamped by the Registrar.  These reports will be scanned and emailed with the original to follow (upon request).  Depending on the number of pages, additional charges may apply for high-volume scans.

PPSA HD-Summary report: Optional report available for searches resulting in multiple registrations found.  If the results are high-volume and an uncertified report is not available, the HD-Summary report will also take 24 hours to process. Additional fees apply. **Requires an ‘Electronic – Printed overnight’ report.

Processing Time

Uncertified Report: within 1 to 2 hours depending on time of order and system availability.

Certified Report: 24 hours.

PPSA-HD Summary Report:  Summary for Electronic-same day is available same day.  If a high-volume report is triggered (over 40 pages), the HD-Summary report will also take 24 hours to process. Additional fees apply.