Ontario Certificate of No Match

A certificate from a search of the Ontario Business Name Registry indicating that there is no record of the registration under the Business Names Act or a declaration under the Limited Partnerships Act in the subject name.

  • Business Names are unincorporated names and DO NOT contain a legal ending (Limited, Ltd., Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc.)

    Proceed with the order even if only limited or fundamental information is available from the Ministry of Government Services database.

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The Ontario Business Registry is comprised of Sole Proprietorship’s, General Partnerships, Corporate Business Names (Trade Names), Ontario Limited Liability Partnerships, and Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Partnerships and Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Companies that carry on business in Ontario.  This report will confirm there is no active match under the subject name within the past 5 years.

Technical Specs

Adobe PDF document.

Processing Time

The report will be emailed within 1 to 2 hours and will vary depending on time of day, system, internet, or email availability.