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NUANS™ (Newly Updated Automated Name Search) is a sophisticated search engine that searches over 8 million records of corporation names, trademarks and business names.

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Preliminary Name Search is a report that checks to see if there are any conflicts found with the proposed names. The NUANS reservation report is NOT included.
NUANS™ Reservation Report is an official reservation report with reservation number.

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Option: Enter 2 additional name variations in case there are conflicts found with the first name choice.
*Note: For Non-Profit Corporations the legal element is optional and CANNOT be 'LIMITED' or 'LTD.'

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It is the above noted applicant(s) FULL RESPONSIBILITY for use of the proposed corporate name and ensuring that it satisfies the applicable legal requirements or government regulations. Centro Legal Works Inc. (“Centro”) is not liable to you or any other person or person(s) for any loss or damages due to confusion with existing corporate names, business names or trademarks contained, but not limited to, those listed on the provided NUANS report. The NUANS database does not include all names across Canada. Since December 31st of 1993 the Province of Quebec has not submitted corporate and business names to NUANS. Business names registered in Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories are also not shown on the report. The decision to use the proposed name on the report is solely the applicants. Additional searches should be considered and/or required. Comments or discussions are not and should not be considered legal advice and are non-binding; comments made by Centro are to provide assistance in the name selection process and should not be the basis for the applicants name decision. NUANS is a registered Trade-mark of the government of Canada. The software and the data is the property of Industry Canada. Please visit for more information.
*A minimum charge of $15 plus HST applies to all orders for the preliminary search.

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A Preliminary name search determines if the proposed name(s) are available prior to ordering a Nuans™ reservation report. It will identify any conflicts with the proposed name against existing corporations, businesses and or trademarks. A preliminary search will be conducted on a maximum of 3 names.

Nuans™ Reservation Report Consists of a 7 page report containing 4 pages of relevant Corporation and Business names, 2 pages of related Trademarks and 1 page of Terms and Conditions. The report reserves the name in the Nuans™ database and is valid for 90 calendar days.

Technical Specs

A Distinctive term is the most important part of a name because it sets the name apart from other businesses offering the same products or services.

A Descriptive term describes the nature of the business.

Corporation NameDistinctive ElementDescriptive ElementLegal Element
Amore Restaurant LimitedAmoreRestaurantLimited
Callaway Golf Club CorporationCallawayGolf ClubsCorporation
NetCom Computers Inc.NetComComputersInc.
Smith & Johnson Consulting Ltd.Smith & JohnsonConsultingLtd.

The Legal Element
Provincial and Federal business Corporations are required to include a legal element as part of the corporate name. The legal element is optional for not-for-profit Corporations, however, Limited or Ltd. are not permitted for not-for-profit names.

Legal Elements: Limited, Incorporated, Corporation, LTD., INC., CORP., or the French equivalents.


Processing Time

Preliminary Report: available within 1 to 2 hours once the order is received.  Processing time can vary depending on the complexity of the name(s).

Nuans™ Reservation Report: once the preliminary search results have been reviewed and one name is selected, the reservation report is ordered and emailed.