NUANS™ Preliminary Search

A search of a database containing over 8 million records of corporation names, trademarks and business names.

    *Note: If the name is for a Non-Profit Corporation the legal element is optional and 'LIMITED' or 'LTD.' is NOT permitted.

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A Preliminary name search determines if the proposed name(s) are available prior to ordering a Nuans™ reservation report. It will identify any conflicts with the proposed name against existing corporations, businesses and or trademarks. A preliminary search will be conducted on a maximum of 3 names.

Technical Specs

A Distinctive term is the most important part of a name because it sets the name apart from other businesses offering the same products or services.

A Descriptive term describes the nature of the business.

Example 1
Proposed corporate name: JASMINE’S TEA BOUTIQUE

The distinctive term is: JASMINE’S
The descriptive term is: TEA BOUTIQUE

Example 2
Proposed corporate name: QUICK RUN CONVENIENCE STORE

The distinctive term is: QUICK RUN
The descriptive term is: CONVENIENCE STORE

The Legal Element
Provincial and Federal business Corporations are required to include a legal element as part of the corporate name. The legal element is optional for not-for-profit Corporations, however, Limited or Ltd. are not permitted for not-for-profit names.

Legal Elements: Limited, Incorporated, Corporation, LTD., INC., CORP., or the French equivalents.

Processing Time

Preliminary Report: available within 1 to 2 hours once the order is received.  Processing time can vary depending on the complexity of the name(s).