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Search TypeDescriptionReport Format
Profile ReportA report from the Provincial Corporate Registry providing the corporate address, current status and names and address of the officers and directors.PDF
Certificate of StatusA one page certificate from the Provincial Corporate Registry confirming the corporations current status.PDF
PPR SearchA search of the Provincial Personal Property Registry to determine if personal property (consumer goods, equipment or serialized assets) are subject to liens and encumbrances.PDF
Bank Act CertificateA search to reveal if a borrower (company or individual) has entered into an agreement that provides a bank the first preferential lien on goods or equipment.PDF
Litigation SearchA search of the Provincial higher court for matters involving Civil Litigation.PDF Scan/Screen Print
Small ClaimsA search of the Provincial court for civil matters under a certain monetary amount considered Small Claims.PDF Scan/Screen Print
Writs of Execution/Sheriff Certificate (or equivalent)A writ of execution search is conducted to determine if a court order has been granted to begin the transfer of assets from a debtor to a plaintiff to satisfy a judgment. Also known as a Judgment search. If a plaintiff/creditor has taken the appropriate litigation steps and fails to collect moneys owed by a debtor in default, a judge may issue a Writ of Execution.PDF/PDF Scan
Court of Appeal A search of the Provincial Court of Appeals records for Civil appeals that may deal with such subject areas as commercial disputes, property disputes, negligence claims, bankruptcies and corporate reorganizations. PDF Report
Bankruptcy CourtA search of Bankruptcy records at the local Provincial court level for proposals, petitions and potential opposing creditor disputes.PDF Report
Bankruptcy & Insolvency Name SearchA search of the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy database that contains:
- debtor information of all bankruptcies and proposals registered in Canada since 1978
- all receiverships registered since January 1993
- all recorded petitions; and
- all companies that have been granted protection under the Companies´ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) since September 18, 2009.
Federal Court & Federal Court of AppealA search for cases arising in the Federal domain. For example, they hear and decide cases in areas like Aboriginal Law, Income Tax, National Security, Intellectual Property, Immigration and much more.PDF Summary Report
Tax Court of CanadaA search for cases where individuals and companies have litigated with the Government of Canada in cases relating to Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax and employment Insurance.PDF Summary Report
Copies of Corporate ArticlesCopies of corporate articles filed with the Provincial Corporate Registry, which may include Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment, Articles of Amalgamation etc.PDF Scan

Technical Specs

Search ReportService FeesGovernment/Agent FeeTotal Price
Bank Act Certificate$20.00$14.78$37.38
Bulk Sales Act Search -Toronto$25.00-$28.25
Bulk Sales Act Search - most other jurisdictions$55.00-$62.15
Bankruptcy - Manual Court Search - Toronto$25.00-$28.25
Bankruptcy - Manual Court Search - London$55.00-$73.45
Bankruptcy - Manual Court Search - Ottawa$55.00-$62.15
Bankruptcy & Insolvency Name Search - Federal$20.00$8.00$30.60
Corporate Profile Report$26.55$8.00$38.00
Certificate of Status$26.55$26.00$56.00
Court of Appeal for Ontario$25.00$28.25
Divisional Court - Toronto$25.00$28.25
Divisional Court - most other jurisdictionsfrom $55.00from $62.15
PPSA Search - Certified or Uncertified$20.00$8.00$30.60
PPSA - Printed Overnight$20.00$8.0030.60
PPSA HD-Summary Report $29.95$16.00$49.84
Litigation Search - Toronto$25.00-$28.25
Litigation Search - most other jurisdictionsfrom $55.00-from $62.15
Small Claims Court from $55.00from $62.15
Tax Court of Canada$25.00$28.25
Writ of Execution Search - by Jurisdiction$20.00$16.55$39.15
Writ of Execution Search - OWL - Ontario Wide Locator$20.00$64.00$94.92
Writ Detail Report only$20.00$6.90$29.50

Processing Time

The processing times shown below apply to orders placed during regular business hours.

Search ReportProcessing Time
Bank Act Certificate1-2 hours
Bulk Sales Act Search -Toronto24 to 72 hours*
Bankruptcy - Manual Court Search 24 to 72 hours*
Bankruptcy & Insolvency Name Search - Federal24 to 48 hours
Corporate Profile Report1-2 hours
Certificate of Status1-2 hours
Court of Appeal for Ontario24 to 72 hours*
Divisional Court 24 to 72 hours*
PPSA Search - Certified or Uncertified1 - 2 hours (uncertified)
24 hours (certified)
PPSA - Printed Overnight24 hours
PPSA HD-Summary Report 24 hours
Litigation Search24 to 72 hours*
Small Claims Court 24 to 72 hours*
Tax Court of Canada1 - 2 hours
Writ of Execution Search1 - 2 hours
Writ of Execution Search - OWL - Ontario Wide Locator1 - 2 hours
Writ Detail Report only1 - 2 hours
*The processing time for court searches will vary by jurisdiction due to limited court access as per COVID restrictions.