Legacy Corporate Kit

Minute Book, Mark Maker style seal and 20 shares of your choice.
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Legacy Corporate Kit includes Maroon binder with slipcase, a Mark Maker Seal, a Brass name plate or gold letter embossing on the spine, 14 Tabs and Ledgers and blank paper, 20 Share Certificates of your choice.

Technical Specs

  • 2″ wide binder with 3 D-ring closing (1.5″ capacity)
  • durable pebble finish in the color chosen with gold tooling around edges as shown
  • 14 Tabs included are: 1-Articles; 2-By-Laws; 3-Minutes of Directors; 4-Minutes of Shareholders; 5-Special Resolutions; 6-Director’s Register; 7-Shareholders Register; 8-Officers Register; 9-Transfer Register; 10-Shareholders Ledger; 11-Debt obligations; 12-Forms Filed; 13-Share Certificates; 14-Shareholders Agreement

Processing Time

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Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 3 in