Ontario Initial Return or Notice of Change

Initial Return – required within 60 days after incorporation, continuation or amalgamation in Ontario.

Notice of Change – make changes to the following information on file:

  • director or officer information
  • registered or head office address
  • administrative information like the official email address and NAICS primary activity code.

A Notice of Change must be filed within 15 days after the changes take place.

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This form is used by all Ontario corporations incorporated, continued or amalgamated.

INITIAL RETURN which is to be filed within 60 days of incorporation, continuation or amalgamation.

NOTICE OF CHANGE which must be filed within 15 days after the change or changes take place from the information on record.
This application form is used to change the following information only:

  • Registered or head office address
  • Changes to the information for the Directors and Officers (addresses, dates, positions held etc.)
  • Administrative information (official email address and the NAICS primary business activity code)

This application form is NOT used to add, change, or remove share provisions/share structure set out in the original articles of incorporation.  To make changes to the corporation name, fixed or minimum/maximum number of directors, share structure or provisions, Articles of Amendment must be filed. (Articles of Amendment – Form 5261E)


Technical Specs

Filing Type:
Indicate whether a business corporation is filing an Initial Return or a Notice of Change.

Corporation Information: 
Enter the corporation name, Ontario Corporation Number (OCN), company key* and the official email address of the corporation.  If the company key is not available enter ‘0’s.

The corporation name must be as it appears on the original certificate of incorporation, or as it appears on the most recent articles of amendment if the name was changed.

Contact Information:
Please enter the full name, telephone number and email address of the contact person. This will not be shown on the public record. The ministry will contact this person for any questions related to this filing.

Registered or Head Office Address in Ontario
If you are filing an Initial Return, indicate the information which is currently on record with the ministry or if this has changed, provide the new information.
If you are filing a Notice of Change or Annual Return and the registered or head office address is being changed, indicate the new registered or head office address; otherwise, leave this field blank.

Note: A post office box alone is not an acceptable address. If there is no street and number, indicate the lot and concession or lot and plan numbers.
The registered or head office must be in Ontario.

A director is an individual elected by the shareholders (in the case of a business corporation) or the members (in the case of a not-for-profit or co-operative corporation) to supervise the management of the corporation.
Complete this section to add, cease, edit or remove director(s) of the corporation. Please note that ceasing and removing are two different things. Cease is to report the date when the director stopped holding the position while remove is to report that an individual has been mistakenly reported more than once or has been mistakenly reported as a director.

It is recommended that you obtain a profile report to confirm the information before making any changes.

An officer is an individual appointed by the director(s) of a corporation to manage the day-to-day business or activities of the corporation. For example, officer positions include the chair of the board of directors, the president, a vice-president, the secretary, the treasurer, and the general manager of a corporation.
Complete this section to add, cease, edit or remove officer(s). Please note that ceasing and removing are two different things. (as described above)

*Ontario Corporations may report only the 5 most senior officers with the Ministry.

Enter the name of the person authorizing the filing. This must be a director, officer or other individual having knowledge of the affairs of the corporation. The name of the individual must be completed in the box provided and the appropriate box must be checked to indicate whether the individual is a director, officer or other individual having knowledge of the affairs of the corporation.

You must select the checkbox to confirm that this person has certified that this filing is true, correct and complete.

Processing Time

A draft will be prepared based on the information provided on this order form.  Once the draft is reviewed, approved and signed the draft filing will be submitted with the Ministry’s Ontario Business Registry and the electronic confirmation will be emailed. The entire process can take a few hours depending how many directors/officers and the response time for the draft approval.