Federal Articles of Amendment

File Articles of Amendment for a Federal Corporation to make changes to the following:

  • registered office address
  • minimum and maximum number of directors
  • the corporation name
  • share classes, restrictions and provisions

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Step 1 – Contact Information

Provide the name, email address and phone number of the individual completing the amendment application.  The amendment documents will be sent to this email address.  This information will not be published on Corporations Canada website. public disclosure of any information that is required to be sent under the Canada Business Corporations Act is permitted under the Privacy Act.

Step 2 – Federal Corporation details

Centro Legal Works Inc. is a registered intermediary with Corporations Canada, however, in order for us to file the articles of amendment we will require the name of the corporation and the  Corporation Key to access the file.

Step 3 – The Articles of Amendment, to change the following:

A. Province or territory of the registered office address – if the province/territory of the registered office is being changed, you will be required, to update the complete registered office address.

B. Minimum and Maximum number of directors – Every corporation must have at least one director. If there will be a fixed number of directors, enter the same number in each box (minimum and maximum).

C.  The name of the corporation – If changing a word name, it must be pre-approved by Corporations Canada before it can be used. Once the pre-approval is granted, a Request ID and Confirmation Number will be provided and is required when completing the amendment application. Name pre-approval are valid for 90 days.

If changing to a numbered name, the corporation number will become part of the name and you will be required to select a legal element (“ending”)

D. Other Changes – Make changes to the classes of shares, the restrictions on share transfers, restrictions on the business of the corporation or any other provisions permitted by the CBCA set out in the articles. *IMPORTANT: Clearly identify the sections, paragraphs or sub-paragraphs being amended and indicate whether the amendment is to add, remove, replace, or change a provision in the existing articles.

Step 4 – Effective Date

The effective date of the amendment can be the date this application is submitted to Corporations Canada, or on any future date. The effective date will be shown on the Certificate of Amendment if the articles are approved. The effective date cannot be prior to the date of this submission.

Step 5 – Reminder Notices – Annual Returns

An Annual Return (Form 22) is required to be filed every year. Corporations Canada will automatically send Annual Return reminder notices by mail to the registered office address. You can choose to have them sent by email instead by providing an email address.  Additional email addresses can be added.

Step 6 – Authorization

You must provide the name and phone number of a director or officer of the corporation who will review and sign the draft Form 4 – Articles of Amendment, prior to final submission with Corporations Canada.

Technical Specs

The Certificate and Articles of Amendment will be provided by email in PDF format which are considered the original documents. Paper copies are not available.

Processing Time

The processing time will vary based on the complexity of the articles.

1-3 hours – for corporate name changes with pre-approved names, min/max directors and registered office address changes.

1-2 business days – corporations changing custom share classes and provisions.

*Proposed new corporate names must first be approved by Corporations Canada which can add an additional 1 – 3 business days.