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Ontario Business Registry Updates

All the APPLICATION forms have changed and must be used going forward. Find the application forms here: FORMS DIRECTORY

**URGENT ** – Due to technical issues and capacity limitations, please submit all filing requests as early as possible to help ensure same day processing.  Same day processing may not be available in some cases.

Send your Filing and Registrations to Centro, we’ve got you covered!  Here’s how:


For urgent electronic submissions to the OBR:

Please follow the instructions below for urgent filing requests.  A Company Key is NOT required.

    • Complete the new PDF application form, save and email to fi*****@ce**************.com
    • If you have long schedules that do not easily fit into the form, please attach as a Word Document.
      • Note: The Ministry system does not maintain the paragraph, or sub-section formatting. The OBR portal has a 100,000 character limit for share provisions, rights, privileges, restrictions etc. and all content will appear as one block of text on the final PDF document.
      • Articles of Amendment – Item 4 a fixed number or minimum/maximum number of directors must be completed even if there is no change.  
    • DO NOT print and scan the application form, it needs to be emailed with all data fields accessible.
    • Signatures are NOT required for electronic submission, however, you are required to retain a signed copy for your own records.
    • To secure the date of submission we highly recommend emailing the documents as soon as possible due to very high volumes. (can be no later than 5:00 pm)


For non-urgent email submission to the Ministry:

Completed documents can be emailed to fi*****@ce**************.com and we will manage the submission and payment directly with the Ministry.  Note: the processing time is approximately 7 business days.  A Company Key is required for existing entities only!  A company key can be requested by an individual on the company record here: GET YOUR COMPANY KEY


Ministry Appointments:

As a qualified intermediary, Centro can request an Appointment for filings that meet the urgent processing requirements set out below.  If approved a time will be arranged with the Operations Specialist at the Ministry to bring the application along with the payment.  Appointments can be booked Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

  • Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and may involve the following:
  • Major commercial transaction with a deadline:
    • initial public offering with shareholder meeting
    • filing required before completion of a real estate, land purchase, or other commercial transaction
  • Filing relating to an overseas transaction
  • Multiple transactions that must be completed in sequence
  • Transactions where there is an obligation to meet a court date



We can also provide services for the following:

  • Pick-up and scanning of Certified PPSA reports and Verification Statements.
  • Processing of CSRA requests, PPSA Historical searches and Verification reprints.
  • Processing and review of TC/RC corporate paper files.

Remember… We offer more than just filings! Our service specialties include Due Diligence searches, PPSA services, Document Legalizations and more!

Did you know we provide due diligence searches across Canada? In fact, we process thousands of searches on a weekly basis. Let us save you time and money by going directly to the source to obtain the information required for your daily transactions. Eliminate the complexity of dealing with multiple agents, courts, government offices and accounts, let Centro be your single point of contact.
One Source, One Contact… One Invoice!

Thank you all for your continued business.  We will provide additional information once it becomes available.


Joe Borrelli
Director of Operations
Centro Legal Works Inc.


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